I will pick up guests where they are staying. Then you will be taken into a true  wilderness environment.  We will drive through the backcountry safari style searching for wildlife, to a remote location with stunning, dramatic, mountain scenery that will leave you breathless. You will have the chance to see natural wild waterfalls, remote pristine mountain lakes or mountain top views that go on forever.  Any and all people are welcome with Canada Wild Tours, there are no requirements. I attempt to make every tour the best I can for that day depending on weather, where the animals are? (In my best judgment) and most important what the people are most interested in seeing. All tours 2.5 hour+, 4 hour+, All day, Hiking, Camping are interpretive tours.  Every tour is different but I try to give the following information.DSC_0705

A full narrative on Bears Wolves and Cougars.

Relationships with one another, movement patterns and home ranges, hibernation, populations and attack rates.  What to do if attacked. Plus a couple good Bear stories.  Then I will tell you about the true king of the Forest, the Wolverine!

You will learn about the Geology of mountain ranges, climate zones and terrain.  See and eat edible plants of the forest. plus see Deer, Mountain Sheep, Elk, Eagles and hundreds of other animals.

History of Native people.

Social norms, beliefs and culture, weapons and technology, migration movement and diets.

2.5 hr+ tour includes snacks and drinks.

4 hr+ half day tour also includes drinks and snacks and if possible will include a fire to roast hot dogs in a unforgettable  wild location.

All day tour is the same but it includes a full lunch, plus more time listening to nature and getting deeper into the natural wilderness.